SW Illustrations
Simon Williams

Botanical Paintings
Original artwork can be purchased through PayPal and prices include special delivery costs unless stated in additional text below the artwork. Please feel free to contact Simon regarding alternative payments or personal collection of artwork.

Pictured above is an outstanding original painting in Acryl Gouache of a variegated Swiss Cheese Plant, Monstera deliciosa variegata By Simon Williams. This plant is growing in Simon's own Tropical Greenhouse and has been painted life size. Outer size of this artwork with frame is 680mm x 845mm.

Phalaenopsis Grandiflora, painted with gouache on a black mountboard.

An original Acryl - Gouache painting from reference material collected while travelling to Australia.
Measurement, including white mount,460mm x 580mm.
Swiss Cheese Plant, Monstera delicosa 450 including postage and packaging.

The Ant-house plant Myrmecodia beccarii has been illustrated from Simon's own reference after travelling to Cairns, Australia to see this unique plant/insect symbiotic relationship.

This is a sample of a gouache painting on black mountboard. The artwork shown here has been sold but commissions can be undertaken at a starting price of 950

A selection of poisonous and edible fungi painted using W&N artists watercolour on Fabriano Pittura paper.