Are you an intermediate or experienced artist wanting to develop your skills in the discipline of botanical and natural history painting?

Do you need to get your botanical painting going again?

Brush up your observation and painting skills and learn new challenging methods to accurately illustrate using traditional painting techniques.

Tutor: Simon Williams – SW Illustrations
To celebrate 20 years working as a natural history and botanical artist and tutor, Simon Williams will be offering a short 12-month course for you to complete at home.
The course is designed around a series of 6, modules, in which you will be set practical projects to complete.
Your artwork will be submitted for evaluation and critique.

This course has been developed to help you improve your existing skills, challenge and fulfil your painting ambitions.
Working in either watercolour or gouache medium, modules are set based around a combination of botanical and natural history topics to choose from.

The course will offer mentoring where you will have the opportunity to have an introduction to the course upon enrolment.
Consultations will be provided through the course. One 30-minute Zoom, Email, Whatsapp or digital visual during your project.
After your work has been submitted and evaluated with a written critique and visuals, once your work has been returned to you, you will have the opportunity to a 30-minute consultation to discuss improvements.

Simon trained as a natural history illustrator in the late 90’s. Early illustration work was done for commercial agencies, branding agencies and publishers. Over the past 20 years, Simon has carved out a career in illustration although he has concentrated more on botanical painting and tutoring.
In 2013 he became Course Director for the international-recognised Distance Learning Diploma Course for the Society of Botanical Artists.

Simon considers himself just as much a plantsman as he is a botanical artist.
At his home, he manages to grow unusual and interesting painting subjects including species of Banksia, Protea, Nepenthes,
Wollemi Pine and Leucadendron.
There will be the golden opportunity to visit Simon’s Garden to enjoy a tour, ask questions and take the time to sketch or photograph plants that are usually only on view in special collections at botanical gardens or by travelling to the tropics.

There is a fine line between botanical illustration and botanical painting. Illustration leans towards scientific journals or for historical recordings of flora.
Botanical painting can be more creative in its expression.
Both disciplines still require a high level of observation and attention to detail, often captured with dry brush painting techniques which you will have the opportunity to learn.

This course is based around exciting and challenging projects.
It will be enjoyable and gives you the chance to learn at a lesuirely pace from your own home.
If this course sounds appealing to you, please contact Simon directly for further information and a prospectus. Email:

Enrolment will be in September 2022 and as soon as you have paid the course fee, deadline dates and course material will be posted to you. You will need to have experience in botanical art or natural history painting and must have the willingness to pursue a precise rather than loose style of painting.

Simon will endeavour to give you confidence in your own ability, hone your existing skills and help you to achieve brillance in your artwork.

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