Many people belonging to art groups or botanical societies have been affected by the impact of COVID-19. A lot of classes, residential courses and workshops continue to be suspended or operate under attendee restrictions.

As a way to continue learning in botanical or natural history painting, online tutoring sessions are available with Simon. These sessions allow you to paint in your own home and on set dates, email images of your artwork for tutorial advice and how to progress with the next stages.

Suggestions and guidance on pigment mixes, composition, accuracy and how to improve three-dimensional qualities will be covered during these learning sessions.

Sessions do not include practical video demonstrations in paint application as they are aimed towards intermediate level or experienced artists. To aid visual learning, Simon will create digital notes and visuals on your artwork using Photoshop as shown below to redraw, add in colour or modify tones where necessary.

This method of tutoring does have the added bonus that you can see visual suggestions when required which you can print out - a digital benefit to working this way.

Sessions are generally available on Monday's however Simon offers flexibility and will be happy to arrange sessions to suit your needs.

Critique. If you have botanical artwork that you would like a written critique/feedback on but do not have the time for a practical session as outlined above, this can also be arranged.

Exams and Moderating. Simon has 8 years of experience as the Course Director and Diploma moderator for the Society of Botanical Artists Distance Learning Diploma Course along with 20 years of tutoring at residential courses in the UK and lecturing in Europe.

For more information on any of the above or to book an online tutorial session, please contact Simon directly. Email:

An example of what can be produced digitally and emailed as a visual showing stages of colour work which will enable you to follow a process.                   

Divya Ramasami.
"I was relatively new to botanical illustration and Simon had been systematic in guiding me from the ground up. I live in Singapore and he structured the classes in such a way that learning was very efficient, in spite of the time difference. His step-by-step feedback was clear and nuanced, addressing all the input I'll need to progress to the next step. He was very encouraging throughout the sessions and I was very pleased with what I was able to produce in such a short time. My understanding of color mixing and drawing finer details has significantly improved since the sessions. As a bonus, when I observe plants these days,   I stop to appreciate the finer details and that's so meditative and relaxing. I look forward to learning more from Simon."

Chris Rimmington.
"I find Simon's courses are always appropriate for my ability. His reaction to one's work is positive, giving the encouragement to persevere. He does not overload with too much instruction or information at any one time, leaving a sufficient period to implement his suggestions, with a successful outcome."

Sheila Corner.
"Simon's online tutorials are an excellent way of enabling continued progress in botanical or wildlife painting. Through Photoshop Simon is able to pinpoint areas for correction or improvement, suggest suitable colours and light and dark techniques, giving easy to follow structured advice.
During lockdown this has been a brilliant method of keeping painting, focused, purposeful and rewarding."

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